Established in 1973, Vienna Meat-Fish Processing is a family business based in Semarang.

Vienna runs in processing meat industry, our products vary from different kind of meat, from beef to fish. In the beginning, the processing meat industry is a lone territory, with only one or two players. As time goes, it gets more exposure and grows into a big industry, thus creating a challenge for us to stay in the top of the game. Innovation is everything; we have to keep developing new products and at the same time maintain the quality of products. We have also spread our wings; from Semarang, our products are now sold all over Java. That's what makes us one of the leading processing meat company in Indonesia.
With over 30 years experience, we believe that only the finest can produce the best. The finest raw material and the best ingredients are used to ensure the high quality of our products. No wonder that we have been trusted to be supplier for catering industry, bakery and cafe. It's in our commitment to give nothing less than the best, to give quality that lasts a lifetime.
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